Judali Yoga currently offer four weekly online hatha yoga classes, as well as a weekly opportunity to enjoy a mindful couple of hours practicing yoga outdoors in the beautiful natural ashram that is the Ramshaugh Woods.


TUESDAY Mornings Online

9:30am for a 10am - 11am

general morning class.


TUESDAY Evenings Online

6:30pm for a 7pm - 8pm

a more vigorous class for those who like a stretch.


THURSDAY Mornings Online

9:30am for a 10am - 11am

gentle morning class using props (chairs, etc).


THURSDAY Evenings Online

8pm for a 8:30pm - 9:30pm

pranayama (breath work), relaxation (rest), and meditation (relaxed awareness) class.


For more information and class links contact us.


SATURDAY Mornings Outdoors

10am - 12noon


Step out into Spring! Layer up in your comfortable walking gear, stuff an old cushion into a recycled plastic bag or two (for a waterproof seat), bring a warm drink and and enjoy a lovely hatha yoga ramble involving asana, pranayama and meditation practices each Saturday morning in the woods.


For more info and bookings contact us.