Mantra is the repetition of a syllable, word or group of words to induce a meditative state. Mantra (repetitive chanting) and kirtan (mantra sung as call and response) are both excellent practices suitable for all ages and abilities. It can be done silently by repeating the mantra internally, or spoken or sung repeatedly with intention [ajapa japa]; either on your own or in a group.


Fundamentally, at the quantum level, everything is made up of vibration. Through the practice of yoga and mantra we not only strengthen our own vibrations, deepening our understanding of ourselves, but strengthen our harmonious connections to other people, places and situations.


Judali Yoga encourage you to find a way of chanting that is most appropriate for you. You can chant mantra now, or order a mantra CD to help you. Many of the benefits of mantra chanting can be experienced by just listening to others. But for best results chant! Then rest and notice how you feel.


Come to one of our mantra evenings and gently recharge your batteries with a soothing mixture of chanting - sometimes accompanied by the harmonium, drum or other instruments - and gentle breath work and relaxation, with plenty of breaks for refreshment and chat at these very informal gatherings.


Judali Yoga Mantra & Meditation