About Us

Judie and Ali encourage you to practice yoga regularly, adapting asana (postures), pranayama (breath control), relaxation (rest), meditation (single-pointed focus) and mantra (chant) techniques to suit your individual needs.

Judali Yoga have a wealth of experience teaching people of all ages, including toddlers, children, young people and adults; and inclusive of all abilities, ethnicities, faiths, genders and orientations. They are currently only offering classes for adults due to their busy yoga schedule and other work commitments.

judaly yoga in greece 2013

Ali and Judie broadly follow in the tradition of Krishnamacharya, who taught many influential yoga teachers including Iyengar, Patabi Jois, Desikachar and Scaravelli amongst others, who were primarily responsible for popularising yoga in the West. Ali says “We feel closest to Desikachar, who encouraged each individual to personalise their own yoga practice”

Judie and Ali have both completed the 500 hour Yoga Scotland Teacher Training Course, covering anatomy, philosophy and hatha yoga practice and they continue their on-going training with a diverse range of tutors.

Judie has been teaching hatha yoga since 2004, and also qualified as an aerial yoga instructor with Aerial Yoga Edinburgh in 2014. When she’s not practising hatha or aerial yoga, she can be found creating small museum quality archaeological replicas for a lovely local pottery called Potted History.

Ali has been teaching hatha yoga since 2002 and was a teacher training tutor on the Yoga Scotland Foundation Course from 2011 – 2020.

They both continue to study, learn from, and be inspired by all the individuals they work with, both teachers and students – and they offer their deepest gratitude and respect to all.

Having practiced yoga regularly together for 35 years, they speak from personal experience when they encourage you to develop your own personalised daily yoga practice, while attending regular weekly yoga classes, and most importantly for best results, sustain both over time because the benefits are enormous!


“Remember that yoga is a practice of observing yourself without judgement.”
T.K.V. Desikachar