Aerial Yoga

Gravity is your playmate when practicing

Judali Aerial Yoga in Ingram!

“Elevate your body, expand your mind.”
Yoga Vidya

“I just wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderful experience.

I’ve not felt so calm and relaxed in such a long time.

It’s such a wonderful way to unwind with all the stresses of everyday life.

The whole environment was so calming and really peaceful.

It was so wonderful as well to watch my sister be able to relax fully.

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.”

All the benefits of a traditional hatha yoga practice, with the freedom to explore your body in space, supported by the strength of your aerial yoga hammock.

Great work-out..

Great fun!

With the body supported by the soft fabric hammock, joints and muscles can gently release, using the natural force of gravity to allow deeper stretches to be achieved.

Aerial yoga helps improve posture and physical alignment, to ease muscular and emotional tension, and to enhance mental concentration and peace of mind.

Experience the joy of Judali Aerial Yoga at Ingram in the wild and beautiful Breamish Valley. Join us at Ingram’s accessible and underfloor-heated village hall, in the centre of Ingram, just off the A697 between Wooler and Powburn in Northumberland.

Read our reviews from the hammock for some first hand accounts of the Judali Aerial Yoga experience.

Maximise your fun! Prepare to make yourselves more comfortable with these pre-flight checks before your session.

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