Pre-flight Checks

Preparation for Judali Aerial Yoga


A general degree of fitness is required for aerial yoga.

Extreme caution is advised, and in some cases aerial yoga may be contraindicated if

you are pregnant,

have very high/low blood pressure,


severe sinusitis/head cold,

easy onset vertigo/fainting,

recent stroke/head injury,

cerebral sclerosis,

allodynia/extreme skin sensitivity,

heart disease,

severe arthritis,

carpal tunnel syndrome,

bone weakness/osteoporosis,

artificial hips,

Botox treatment within 6 hours of your session(s),

or recent surgery within the last 6 months.


If any of these conditions apply to you, you must agree to consult your GP to confirm it is safe for you to practice prior to attending your session(s).



Here’s some really simple ways to maximise your aerial yoga fun when preparing hang out in the hammocks.

Avoid wearing loose or baggy clothing. Cover armpits, upper arms, upper legs and other sensitive areas with stretchy comfortable layers.

Trim finger and toenails and avoid wearing jewelry, belts, or clothing with zips, buttons or other features that could potentially snag the fabric.

Avoid using heavy make-up, strong lotion, perfume or aftershave. Observe good personal hygiene and only wear mild deodorant, in consideration for the next person using the hammock.

Notify Judali Aerial Yoga in advance, of any medical issues that may prevent you from inverting your body safely (see extreme cautions above). If you have any of these, or other medical conditions, always check with your doctor first.

Avoid eating or drinking alcohol during the hour prior to practicing aerial yoga.


Judali Yoga


By booking to attend Judali Aerial Yoga sessions you agree

to your name and the email address you provide being added to Judali Yoga’s mailing list,

to photos that may include you being used to promote future Judali Aerial Yoga events unless otherwise stated,

to be mindful and respectful of your physical and mental condition,

to refrain from participating if appropriate,

to take instruction for your health and safety and that of others,

to participate appropriately at your own risk,

to take full responsibility for your behaviour and actions,

to have received medical consent where extreme caution is advised prior to attending.



judali aerial yoga


Contact us for more information about Judali Aerial Yoga to experience the joy, freedom and fun of this very special practice.