Mantra is the repetition of a syllable, word or group of words to induce a meditative state.

Mantra (repetitive chanting) and kirtan (mantra sung as call and response) are both excellent practices suitable for all ages and abilities. 

It can be done silently by repeating the mantra internally, or spoken or sung repeatedly with intention [ajapa japa]; either on your own or in a group.

Fundamentally, at the quantum level, everything is made up of vibration.

Through the practice of yoga and mantra we not only strengthen our own vibrations, deepening our understanding of ourselves, but strengthen our harmonious connections to other people, places and situations.

Judali Yoga encourage you to find a way of chanting that is most appropriate for you.

“Judie and Ali were the ones who first introduced me to chanting mantra around a dozen years ago.

One session and I was hooked –  and I travelled quite a distance to attend their sessions.

Before too long I bought a Shruti box, then a harmonium and developed my own personal practice as well as exploring other forms of therapeutic sound.

Now I am a therapeutic sound practitioner sharing the magical powers of mantra (amongst other things) with others!

So meeting Judie and Ali was truly transformational for me! 

They are kind and welcoming and all inclusive in sharing their knowledge. You come away from their sessions feeling totally de-stressed, uplifted.

I recommend everyone should give it a try.”

Liza Cole

In Our Nature – Sounds Good

Why not have a go and chant mantra now.