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Ali and Judie love the practice of yoga!

They are both qualified hatha yoga teachers following ‘the guru within’ where each individual learns to develop a style of yoga that is right for them.

Come as you are to Judali Yoga classes and discover what’s right for you!

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“I have known Judie and Ali for many years and attended their yoga classes since they began teaching.

The Judali hatha yoga we practice in class is a fabulous way to take care of both body and mind, coordinating the breath with movement, making you much more in tune with your body and mental health, which has been essential for my well-being over the years.

Their teaching style is very much centred around allowing your body and breath to move naturally and not forcing movement.  

My core strength and ability to use my breath has improved immensely and I wouldn’t be as fit as I am without it. I love the meditative side to the practice which has been the only thing I have found that curbs my very busy mind! 

If you are looking for something that looks after you as a whole person, for all of your life, then Judali Yoga is the answer!”